We think sustainably.

Because we focus not only on our customers, but also on the world in which we live, we take responsibility. Systematic environmental management is therefore an integral part of our corporate philosophy. In the manufacture of our products, we focus on the careful use of resources and sustainability right from the start. Compliance with existing environmental regulations is a matter of course for us. In the future, too, we will strive to continuously reduce our consumption of resources.

The main objectives of Jokey's environmental management, which are continuously monitored through internal and external audits:

  • The efficient use of the energy we use in all areas of the companyThe main objectives of Jokey's environmental management, which are continuously monitored through internal and external audits:
  • The economical use of valuable resources and the avoidance of environmental pollution and energy waste
  • The reduction of emissions
  • The use and procurement of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and materials
  • The involvement of all employees, suppliers and business partners in the constant improvement of our environmental management

Jokey Sohland - ECO CONCEPT BATH

As a family business, we think long-term. Our strategy for the future is based on three main pillars: healthy growth, ecological practices, and social responsibility. We believe that successful business requires a conscientious attitude towards people and nature. It is our goal to become climate-neutral by 2030.

Our responsibility is not limited to the point where a Jokey product leaves the factory. We are committed to ensuring that the raw materials we use are returned to the material cycle. In order to achieve this, we are engaged in a constant dialogue with customers, partners, associations, and NGOs.

Our mission as a pioneer in the field of sustainability is to do business in an environmentally friendly, climate-neutral way. Until Jokey is able to work in a CO2-neutral manner in its entirety, we have set ourselves the goal of using all energy sources efficiently, using valuable resources sparingly, and reducing emissions to a minimum. To achieve this, we work closely with a network of NGOs, stakeholders, and authorities.

We are committed to transparency and sustainability with the use of FSC-certified wood and paper products. The FSC system ensures that forests are used in accordance with the social, economic, and ecological needs of both present and future generations. We regard compliance with applicable laws, regulations and conventions that have been ratified at national level as a matter of course.

Our top priority is to manufacture high-quality, sophisticated products. It is with this in mind that our Research & Development team has been successfully working on optimising the weight of our finished products for many years. Not only does this save valuable resources, it also reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissions during transport.

We are constantly striving to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency classes for our products. In the process, we always endeavour to play a pioneering role in our industry. Using energy efficiently is of fundamental importance to us across the entire Jokey Group. We take responsibility for and are committed to continuously improving energy-related performance and our energy management system. This is certified through regular audits in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2018.