How our ideas come to your bathroom

The history of your mirror cabinet

Chapter 1: Design and construction

The ideas for our globally popular mirror cabinets are created in Germany. Here, we prove every day that we are specialists in mirror cabinets: Our designers and engineers are continuously working on even better products. The results are precisely engineered mirror cabinets with strong designs and multiple functions. We are driven by innovation and you, our customers. We always have your needs in terms of design and functionality of your mirror cabinet in mind. This is how we design and construct a fascinating variety of products. You can be sure: Before a mirror cabinet goes on sale, we at Jokey have answered yes to one central question: Will this product be able to convince and inspire you in your home?

Chapter 2: Raw materials and materials

In addition to our customers, we also focus on the environment. We produce the products of tomorrow today - and we do this very specifically with sustainability in mind. Well thought-out environmental management is part of our corporate philosophy. The responsible use of resources and the environment is a matter of course for us. All high-quality raw materials and components for the production of our mirror cabinets are carefully selected and tested by us. Thereby, the FSC and energy certifications of our products are standard for us. Good to know: Optimizing the resources we use is fully in line with the economic goals of our company. Our environment - All raw materials and components are always carefully selected and tested. Jokey stands for responsible use of resources and the environment. Sustainability and the optimization of the resources used are in full harmony with Jokey's economic goals. Thus, the FSC and energy, according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011, certifications are for us only the minimum standard which we want to meet.


Chapter 3: Manufacture and assembly

Not only the design and construction of our mirror cabinets come from Germany. Our products are also produced and assembled here. We see "Made in Germany" as a lived seal of quality - and as a promise to our customers. To always offer them excellent products is our claim. At the Jokey Group plant, dedicated employees ensure the creation of mirror cabinets of consistently high quality. Not only the production of the individual components, but also the assembly is quality assured step by step. A nice side effect: We contribute to the fact that the location Germany remains a guarantor for really good products in the future.


Chapter 4: Distribution and trade

We offer you a versatile product range with over 100 mirror cabinets. Are you looking for a new mirror cabinet? Make your wish come true easily: you can find our products in numerous online stores, of course. But if you would like to experience our products "live" first before buying, you will find them in almost every major German DIY store. Here, you can view a mostly large selection of completely different Jokey mirror cabinets. And much more: discover the high-quality workmanship, unique functionality and design diversity of our products. We are sure that there will be the right mirror cabinet for you, too.


Chapter 5: Your bathroom

The new home of your Jokey mirror cabinet: your bathroom. What was manufactured with great attention to precision and details made in Germany can now be assembled by you. It's easy, because all our mirror cabinets are already pre-assembled in our factory. So you don't have to worry about any complicated and time-consuming assembly at home. So your new mirror cabinet will be ready for use in no time. Look forward to a beautiful and individual accent in your bathroom. And to new comfort thanks to more storage space and well thought-out lighting. It's great to see the effect your new mirror cabinet has! Welcome to the world of Jokey.