An international family business in the mirror of time

Jokey Sohland GmbH is a specialist in mirror cabinets and one of the leading manufacturers in this segment. Our company belongs to the renowned Jokey Group. With its three divisions - bathroom, plastic packaging and technical parts - this group has stood for products with excellent quality for over 50 years. Thus, we are also among the market leaders worldwide in the field of plastic packaging.

We currently manufacture our quality products in 15 plants in 12 countries and supply our customers in over 80 countries. With around 2,000 employees, we achieve our goal every day all over the world: satisfied customers.


Innovative strength right from the start

From the humble beginnings to the internationally operating group of companies: Jokey was and is a family business with a pronounced customer orientation. The strong foundation for our company was laid in 1968 in the Fähnrichstüttem farmstead in the Bergisches Land region near Cologne. Josef Kemmerich starts the production of plastic buckets for the filling industry in a 200 square meter workshop with two used injection molding machines and nine employees. He names the newly founded company Jokey Plastik after the first letters of his name. Three years later, Kemmerich's sons join the company as partners. The young company grows rapidly, soon adding new production facilities. Jokey courageously continues to invest and expand - even in times when the industry is in crisis.


Expansion at the Sohland site

n 1989, the Berlin Wall falls, ushering in sweeping sociopolitical change. Major changes were also on the horizon at Jokey. After the fall of the Wall, our group of companies moves in giant strides towards the new federal states and Eastern Europe. Jokey takes over the Formaplast company near Dresden and modernizes the plant from the ground up. To this day, our innovative bathroom range is created here, from the idea to the finished product plus logistics. In addition, we also produce plastic packaging and technical plastic parts with our 160 employees at the Sohland site.


Opening up international markets.

Jokey recognizes the opportunities of globalization early on and expands into neighboring European countries starting in 2000. In the meantime, 60 percent of our products are manufactured in other European countries or exported there. Today, the Jokey Group is a leading international manufacturer in its three divisions: we are broadly positioned with our high-quality bathroom range, the development and production of plastic packaging and the production of precision components for the automotive and computer industries. The Jokey family of companies includes around 2,000 employees at 15 production sites in Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Belarus, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt and Canada.


Excellent company development.

Our lived customer orientation, the ability to flexibly adapt to the market and continuous investments in new technologies: There are many good reasons for the leading market position and successful product innovations of the Jokey Group. Our outstanding corporate development was awarded as follows:

  • 6-time EU award as one of the fastest-growing European companies
  • Finalist „Entrepreneur Of The Year”, Ernst & Young (2002/2009)
  • iF product design award, International Forum Design GmbH (2008)
  • Top 500, The largest family businesses in Germany, Wirtschaftsblatt (2013)
  • Numerous awards and nominations from the packaging industry

Business Units

Whether with innovations, the latest technology or on the subject of sustainability - for half a century, Jokey has been defining the benchmark for its industry.


key gives bathrooms character and comfort. Our bathroom range includes mirror cabinets made of plastic, wood and aluminum, as well as an extensive range of mirrors and bathroom furniture in many modern designs and with well thought-out functionality. The high quality level of our bathroom program is a matter of course for us. Construction and manufacturing takes place in a German factory of the Jokey Group in accordance with the quality guidelines according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Whether food, pet food, wall paints, varnishes, adhesives, building materials, luxury food or chemicals - fillers always find the right packaging at Jokey. Jokey packaging is available in all variants: from round to oval to square, with tamper-evident closure, lid lift-off protection, resealable spout or an embossing for the use of a pump - to name just a few of the many options.


For the production of technical plastic parts, you will find in Jokey an accomplished specialist in plastics processing and finishing. We process complicated, difficult-to-handle materials using highly developed machines and the latest technologies. We meet design specifications with a high level of requirements in terms of fitting accuracy and material properties with a first-class result. Because precision and quality are right at Jokey, renowned industrial manufacturers rely on our performance.

We think sustainably.

Because we focus not only on our customers, but also on the world in which we live, we take responsibility. Systematic environmental management is therefore an integral part of our corporate philosophy. In the manufacture of our products, we focus on the careful use of resources and sustainability right from the start. Compliance with existing environmental regulations is a matter of course for us. In the future, too, we will strive to continuously reduce our consumption of resources.

The main objectives of Jokey's environmental management, which are continuously monitored through internal and external audits:

  • The efficient use of the energy we use in all areas of the companyThe main objectives of Jokey's environmental management, which are continuously monitored through internal and external audits:
  • The economical use of valuable resources and the avoidance of environmental pollution and energy waste
  • The reduction of emissions
  • The use and procurement of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and materials
  • The involvement of all employees, suppliers and business partners in the constant improvement of our environmental management

Our environmental commitment in detail

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) has defined criteria and principles for responsible forest management. According to these, it awards a seal of quality for managed forests and for products. The FSC® standard stipulates that the ecological functions of a forest must be preserved, it protects animal and plant species threatened with extinction, and it safeguards the rights of indigenous peoples and workers. As an FSC®C143269 -certified company, Jokey actively cooperates to continuously improve the FSC®- certification system.


The environmental compatibility of the raw materials and additives we use is constantly reviewed and aligned with the latest research. The plastics we use - polypropylene, polyesterol, polyethylene and ABS - are 100 percent recyclable.


Our packaging made from secondary raw materials comes from the recycling of plastic waste. We thus offer manufacturers of paints, coatings, adhesives or chemical fillers ecologically safe packaging with the same technical performance profile as virgin plastics. The base material of noble gray or attractive silver can be decorated in an eye-catching way using all printing processes.


With our containers made of biopolymers, you improve your eco-balance and meet the demands of your environmentally conscious consumers. The containers with a proportion of renewable raw materials has the same functionality as packaging made from conventional plastic.

Our innovative product designs reduce weight and space requirements during transport - thus reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions. The design of the containers is optimally aligned with automated filling - making your production easier, faster, more energy-efficient and also quieter.

The careful use of nature's scarce resources determines all our entrepreneurial activities. We continuously optimize production processes, logistics and buildings in terms of energy efficiency and pollutant emissions. Plastic waste has always been recyclable at Jokey: All plastic leftovers from production are recycled. We document our commitment with the certification nach ISO 50001 and BRC Packaging.